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[AvaLaboratorium] Relipidium Overnight Moisturizer

[AvaLaboratorium] Relipidium Overnight Moisturizer

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AVA Cosmetic Laboratory is a Polish cosmetic brand which was founded 60 years ago for the love of natural life. In harmony with nature, it is the slogan that has guided the company since the beginning of its existence.


The rich cream formula is based on extremely active ingredients and is efficient in various directions. The modern GELTRAP™ technology helps encase a gel particle in oil. This provides deep hydration, and leaves the epidermis smooth and oily. The latest-generation ingredient RELIPIDIUM®, yeast extract obtained using probiotic bacteria from Lactobacillus plantarum, replenishes the shortage of ceramides in dry skin and stimulates the production of lipids. It has anti-wrinkle properties and helps form a tight protective barrier. The cream prevents the feeling of stretched skin. The unique complex of beta glucan and provitamin B5 efficiently reduces redness and irritation of the skin.

In the in vivo* tests volunteers confirm:

90% – perfect greasiness

92% – reduction of the signs of aging

92% – decreased feeling of skin dryness

95% – deep hydration

100% – ensuring firmness and elasticity.

AVA Cosmetic Laboratory 是一个波兰化妆品品牌,成立于 60 年前,出于对自然生活的热爱。与自然和谐相处,这是公司自成立之初就指导的口号。 丰富的奶油配方基于极其有效的成分,在各个方向都有效。现代 GELTRAP™ 技术有助于将凝胶颗粒包裹在油中。这提供了深层水合作用,并使表皮光滑和油腻。最新一代成分 RELIPIDIUM® 是使用植物乳杆菌中的益生菌获得的酵母提取物,可补充干性皮肤中神经酰胺的短缺并刺激脂质的产生。它具有抗皱特性,有助于形成紧密的保护屏障。面霜可防止皮肤绷紧的感觉。 β-葡聚糖和维生素原 B5 的独特复合物可有效减少皮肤发红和刺激。 在体内*测试中,临床确认: 90% - 完美的油腻感 92% - 减少老化迹象 92% - 减少皮肤干燥感 95% – 深层补水 100% – 确保坚固性和弹性。

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