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[Lilibeth] Lip Balm (EXP:03.24.25)

[Lilibeth] Lip Balm (EXP:03.24.25)

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  • #1: Nude (A comfortable everyday color that is not flashy)
  • #2: Juicy (Coral Juicy Color)


  • Nutrients derived from nature permeate into soft lips, protecting them softly and comfortably. 
  • As soon as it touches the lips, it melts softly and smoothly without irritation and simultaneously cares for dead skin cells and moisture from cracked lips.
  • Not only does it express lively lips with non-excessive color development, but it also creates the healthy natural look of the lips.
  • It melts naturally on the lips and is not sticky.



3 Main Ingredients from natures

1. Propolis Extract

2. Honey Extract

3. Ricinus Communis (Castor) Seed Oil





源自大自然的营养素渗透到柔软的双唇中,柔软舒适地保护它们。 一旦接触双唇,它就会柔软顺滑地融化而不会刺激,同时护理死皮细胞和嘴唇裂开的水分。 不仅用不过度的显色表现出活泼的双唇,而且还营造出健康自然的双唇外观。 它在嘴唇上自然融化,不粘腻。 3 来自大自然的主要成分 1.蜂胶提取物 2.蜂蜜提取物 3. 蓖麻(蓖麻)籽油


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