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Rave Heal Bride Timeless Serum

Rave Heal Bride Timeless Serum

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Reve Heal Bride EGF Serum

(Skin irritation test completed)

Contains Nano Liposome Activated EGF 10ppm

21 Amino Acids
10 Minerals
Liquid Active EGF Formula works best on well-hydrated skin
21 Amino Acids and 10 Minerals contribute to activating the natural moisturizing factor, allowing the skin to generate sufficient moisture on its own.



1. After cleansing, tidy up the skin texture with toner, then apply an appropriate amount during the first serum step.

2. Apply gently in the morning and evening.

Volume: 40ml (1.35oz)

Expiration Date: 2026.11.20



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